This is faithfulness at it's finest.


I'm a rock climber, Yankee fan, and I love tattoos. I reblog a bunch of shit and that's about it.

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#tbt to that day where I half conquered Freakbook/sprained my ankle. #datbicepdoe

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The very first fucking card

nostalgia pack

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Take me back.
Ocean City, MD

City and Colour will be performing at Made in America fest, but I can’t go….because it is way too expensive. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYyy

I just want to see them live so badly!!!

Classes start tomorrow.

I just want to stay in my nice apartment and do nothing.

Homemade rainbow cookies. Made by @maritimeturtle ‘s mom. They’re amazing. I need to pace myself.




Watch it in video

Life goals.

I’d never leave

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